Car Repairs

Every car needs regular maintenance to keep it on the road and running smoothly.  There are a number of ways to find out if your car may need some repair work. Your car might start to have a funny smell or something visual like a faulty headlamp. You may even feel a loss in power or perhaps hear the exhaust become a lot louder. Another indication could be an odd sound from your engine or perhaps you have even felt an unusual vibration while driving; whatever the reason may be Lightfoot’s Garage is here to help. 

So get in touch today and we can get your car sorted out!

Car Service

At Wayne Masseys Automotive Solutions we offer a variety of car servicing packages to suit any budget, car model and service need. You are guaranteed a great service from our garage and with competitive prices on repairs, Wayne Masseys Automotive Solutions make looking after your vehicle more manageable.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us so we offer peace of mind for our car service and repair customers, we will never undergo any work without your say so and all services adhere to a strict industry-standard checklist.


Great servicing at cheaper prices.

If you would like more information on our car servicing packages, or if you would like to book your service with us, please contact us via our contact page or call now.