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The above video of Frank Massey explaining and using the latest BG Products DPF cleaning and servicing technology is very informative and explains how DPF issues occur and can be dealt with.


Problems with the Diesel Particulate Filter - DPF can be very expensive, the average costs can be upwards of £1500 at main dealers, but here at Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme's premier DPF solutions and cleaning specialists, we can greatly reduce this cost using the very latest and most sophisticated technology available using the BG Products DPF cleaner, please call now for a quotation and advise.


Here at Wayne Massey Automotive Solutions we do not advocate the illegal practice of DPF removal but we are specialists in Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Tuning and DPF cleaning, all areas of ECU remapping, engine tuning and we are constantly innovating and leading the way in ECU tuning research and development. We are proud to announce that we can offer more Diesel Particulate Filter solutions than any of our competitors often making the impossible become possible! Years of innovation and expertise in this area has made this so. The machinery that we use essentially aims to clean, recover and service the DPF whilst the car is actually running.


In its standard form a Diesel Particulate Filter, or TDI DPF system can become a real problem over time for a range of reasons, primarily through blockage brought about by the build up of carbon. It is our aim to reduce driver inconvenience due to poor running and expensive repairs. When problems and blockage occurs, we strive very hard, using the latest technology to find an alternative solution to either DPF removal or DPF replacement. Which in turn can result in the following...


  • Improved reliability

  • Improved exhaust efficiency

  • More economical Servicing

  • Enhanced performance 

  • Greater fuel efficiency


New legislation


In light of new legislation Wayne Massey Automotive Solutions no longer offer DPF removal / deletion for customers with blocked and unserviceable  particulate filters.


However, we still continue to offer expert, market leading advice and solutions for DPF related issues here in Stoke and Newcastle. A typical DPF fault will require us to carry out a diagnostic test as well as a full and thorough conversation with the customer to try and ascertain the route cause. We are more than aware that some manufactures are having major issues with their DPF technology and are constantly offering software updates . Also driving style and fuel quality are playing a big role in DPF deterioration.


That been said, after our preliminary diagnosis and customer feedback chat, we can then move on to try and give our customers the best and most cost efficient solution. This could range from an in workshop regeneration. An 'on car running' induction clean, an off car DPF clean or ultimately DPF replacement  but whatever the outcome we aim to get to or advice of the route cause as a DPF by nature is perfect for hiding running issues not easly spotted by the untrained eye until it's too late, in the most cost effective method available.


As Stoke's premier independent DPF technicians, we are leading the way forwardin providing customers DPF issue solutions without us or the consumer breaking any laws.


Leading the way in DPF problem solutions for Staffordshire and Cheshire, for all vehicles, including Mazda, BMW, Audi, Vauxhall, Toyota, Ford and Volvo.


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